Alhambra Morecambe finds historic architecture

September 17, 2020

Some dramatic historic architecture has been uncovered during renovation work at Morecambe’s Alhambra. 

Nick Awde from The Morecambe Alhambra Theatre Trust tells us:

“This week we uncovered an amazing piece of history at the front of the Alhambra”

“We started removing the bricks of an outer wall at street level and made the unexpected discovery of the stone pillars that made up what we think was the original entrance, plus a red mosaic floor.”

“These probably haven't been see for half a century.”

The Alhambra is a theatre in Morecambe’s West End opened in 1901 as the Alhambra Palace, it took its name, though not its style, from the famous Moorish original in Granada, Spain. The building was in continuous use, with a range of entertainment and social uses, until 1970 when a fire gutted the interior. Following extensive refurbishment the theatre reopened in 1973 as The Inn on the Bay before renaming itself The Carleton Club

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