Can you complete the Lancashire Mind Wellbeing Selfie Challenge?

August 14, 2020

Mental health charity Lancashire Mind are this summer challenging families and young people across Lancashire to take part in the Wellbeing Selfie Challenge.

The charity is hoping that over 1000 children, young people and their families from across the county will take part in the 10 day challenge, which starts on Monday 23rd August. 

Every day during the challenge a different theme will be announced on social media alongside a tip about wellbeing that relates to that theme.

For example, you may be asked to post a selfie full of colourLife is bright and full of colours, but sometimes poor mental health and wellbeing makes the colours harder to see. It’s ok if some days the world does not seem as bright as others. If you have days like this talk to someone who can help.

All you need to do is capture a selfie in that location and share it using the hashtag #LancashireMindWellbeing. Lancashire Mind are stressing however, that all those taking part in the Wellbeing Selfie Challenge are aware of their surroundings at all times and do not attempt to take any selfies in any locations which could result in injury or harm. Safety and the safety of others must be paramount.

Holly Mannion the Community Development Lead at Lancashire Mind said: “It’s a fun and creative way to get out and about during the summer holidays whilst also learning more about mental health and wellbeing.

“Children and young people have been affected by this pandemic and the restrictions it’s placed on everyone, just as much as adults. Their voice can often get lost and they may find it difficult understanding how they’re feeling or how to cope with those feelings.

“We wanted to offer help and advice and thought as most young people are used to taking selfies, we’d speak to them in a way that they understand.”

Currently 1 in 8 young people experience a mental health condition and over 50 per cent of mental health conditions develop before the age of 14.

Lancashire Mind work extensively with children and young people in schools and community groups across Lancashire but since March they have been unable to hold face to face sessions. To combat this, the charity has worked hard to adapt many of its services and have been able to offer them virtually or via downloads.

Holly continued: “This challenge is just another way we can continue to help children, young people and their families.

“We talk about the Five Ways to Wellbeing to many groups, as a way to help with mental health and wellbeing. This selfie challenge is very much an extension of that teaching.”

The Five Ways are evidence-based actions, developed by the New Economics Foundation, that can make a positive difference to your mental health if carried out on a regular basis.

Lancashire Mind are also asking people who take part to make a donation to enable them to continue to do their work and support children and young people across Lancashire. Like many charities, Lancashire Mind has seen a drop in their income since the outbreak of the coronavirus with most their fundraising activities cancelled.

Fundraising lead Emma Bateson said: “Lancashire Mind are a local charity, separate to the national Mind organisation, and we rely heavily on donations and fundraising events from our supporters to enable us to continue.

“We’ve had to change a lot of our fundraising efforts and become a bit more creative - the Wellbeing Selfie Challenge is just one way we’re doing that.

“Those wishing to take part can go to and sign up. There is a digital welcome pack with props for your selfies and a five ways to wellbeing poster. Once you have donated and completed the challenge you can apply for your Wellbeing Selfie Challenge certificate and badge.”