Morecambe beach left as eyesore on hottest day

June 26, 2020

As hundreds head to Morecambe beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the hottest day of the year as the mercury tops 32oC in some parts of the country, but it appears the price to pay was vast quantities of litter and rubbish left behind by visitors.

Good Samaritans of the town have volunteered to pick up the rubbish left beind by sun revellers but the sheer volume of rubbish mean that council officials were called in for support.

Ruth Wilkinson was one of those volunteers who started a litter pick in the early hours of this morning and tells us:

“I spent from 5:30am – 7:00am clearing this mess and bagging up 25 bags of litter. Council bags were left out to be used and then not used.”


“Whilst it looks a lot cleaner now, can I just warn any local residents that the sand is littered with broken glass, I’ve got as much up as a can but it’s still there in places. I’ve contacted the council and they are coming to help.”


Ruth shared her pictures on social media too which resonated with local residents:

Colin Bell:  “It’s disgusting how disrespectfully some people treat our beaches and open spaces. Absolute mindless morons.”

Lindsay Hirst: “What is wrong with people!!! That’s disgusting. Well done all xx”

Ali Wilkinson: “This has always baffled me. Even when I'm REALLY drunk, I can put a beer bottle in a bin.”

Rubbish2.png (591 KB)