Morecambe kite festival will go ahead in 2020

February 20, 2020

Morecambe's popular kite festival will take place this summer despite funding cuts for events in the town.

Loz Kaye, artistic director of More Music, told Beyond Radio that their annual 'Catch the Wind' event would go ahead in 2020 even though uncertainty over local authority grants had made it "difficult to plan".

The annual kite-flying extravaganza on Morecambe promenade is the town's longest surviving festival.

There were fears that some Morecambe festivals might fall by the wayside after Morecambe Town Council announced plans to slash its annual grants budget by £25,000 earlier this month.

But Mr Kaye, speaking on our show The Resident, said: "We're hoping to carry on with the Catch the Wind festival.

"It will be last weekend in June.

"We'd already planned to rethink it and go back to its roots with an environmental theme but, still as a really accessible event for families.

"The thing that's been a bit difficult is there has been a certain amount of feet-dragging in terms of what's going to be the settlement with the festivals. It makes it quite difficult to plan if we don't know what's going on. But we continue to plan positively."

Mr Kaye also said More Music's popular lantern festival in the West End would also take place this year in the autumn but the West End festival in Regent Park would remain on hiatus.

Instead the community music organisation plans to host pop-up musical instrument sessions for very young children in the park this summer.

You can listen again to Loz Kaye's interview on Beyond Radio here

Meanwhile Morecambe Town Council has announced that festival organisers have until February 28 to apply for funding in 2020/21.

There is a £30,000 budget available, compared to £55,000 last year.

Details are at

For the background on the festival funding decision and this year's town council budget see: