New warning signs installed on Sunderland Point causeway

March 01, 2020

New warning signs installed on Sunderland Point causeway

Working closely with Morecambe RNLI, Overton Parish Council has installed two new warning signs; one at each end of the causeway that connects Overton to Sunderland village. Both signs bear photos illustrating the causeway when flooded by the tide; one of them, taken from Morecambe’s inshore lifeboat, after the crew had rescued two drivers from the roofs of their vehicles.

Morecambe RNLI volunteer Community Safety Officer, Colin Midwinter, said ‘We are constantly reviewing the incidents to which we get called, using the information to produce a Community Lifesaving Plan with a view to eliminating, or at least mitigating, identified risks to the public. Consequently, we have been working with local stakeholders in order to try and reduce the number of these incidents.

Overton Parish Council are to be congratulated on their generous and positive response. Given the increased local tourism to Sunderland Point and the use of home delivery services, both the Parish Council and the Sunderland Point Community Association, share our concerns regarding the number of serious, potentially life-threatening, incidents on the causeway. We hope that these large photos, illustrating the danger, will draw driver and pedestrian attention to the other warning signs already in place and intend to supplement these with more informative signage, strategically located, once the necessary funding and landowners’ permissions have been obtained.’

Photos show the new signs at the Overton end (left) and Sunderland Point end (right) of the causeway.

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