About Beyond Radio

Beyond Radio is the local radio station for Lancaster, Morecambe and Carnforth. Our studios are located in the Scotforth / Bowerham area of Lancaster. We a well-established and well recognised community resource. We broadcast a range of music and programming targeted to the audience in Lancaster, Morecambe and surrounding areas.

We launched in 2016 after successfully being awarded a community radio license by Ofcom during the 2014 community radio application cycle. Founded by several individuals who each held an interest in radio, the Local Community, and experience in the community radio sector.

We are committed to serving the community through social inclusion, the provision of training programmes accessible to the community as a whole and community service announcements – ensuring that community news reaches the audience to which we serve.

Community Radio is perfect for our district. We have a wonderfully diverse population and an exceptional cultural output for such a small geographic area. Beyond Radio, as a community-led and community serving resource, is the ideal platform through which to celebrate the area’s broad diverse and cultural mix. But it goes beyond that (see what we did there…)! We want to support other organisations in our district in the voluntary and charity sectors who are also in the business of helping people. We wish to give them a louder voice in the community, a new way of getting their information out there and helping make a difference in people’s lives. All this underpinned of course by a great music service that will celebrate the best of today’s sounds, offer great tracks from the past, deliver specialist shows and introduce you to some music you will never have heard of before.

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Here's the jingle that launched Beyond Radio: