Beyond Radio joins forces with Lancaster Past & Present

Beyond Radio has teamed up with the popular Facebook social group ‘Lancaster Past & Present’ which has over 38,000 members in the local area.

The aim is to better circulate local information across radio and social media. The popular local Facebook started in 2012 by local historian Andrew Reilly, although initially the focus was on history and heritage it soon developed into a valuable local social resource.

103.5 Beyond Radio’s commercial Director Nathan Hill said: “It’s a great idea to join forces to combine the power of local radio and local social media, as news breaks in the local area Beyond Radio can circulate information quickly; on air and via social media.”

“Our research shows that listeners love local… which is great; as keeping radio in the local area is at the heart of everything Beyond Radio stands for.”

“Beyond Radio recently celebrated its 2nd birthday and what a great way to mark the occasion by this new joint venture between ourselves and Andrew's popular social platform, together we can make a difference in the local area.”

103.5 Beyond Radio was set up by a group of local radio enthusiasts who felt the local area needed more representation, it currently operates with over 60 volunteers from the local area. If you are interested in being involved with Beyond Radio – click here.