Carnival Interview Highlights

August 15, 2019

The weekend of the Morecambe Carnival may seem like a memory now, but the events of the 10th & 11th of August have had a lasting impression with the Beyond Radio team, who were thrilled to be part of an 18 hour live broadcast from the Morecambe Carnival 2019.


It’s the first time in the carnival’s 6 year history that a local radio station has dedicated this level of programming to what is such an important local event. The carnival attracted over 50,000 visitors in 2018.

There’s plenty of videos and photos on our Facebook page – (big thanks to Beyond Radio’s Andy Slack, Greg Lambert & Luke for those)

We captured some amazing community interviews too, and thought we’d share with the world those highlights.



Ian Husges.jpg (18 KB)

Beyond Radio’s Chris & Duncan spoke to Ian Hughes who is the Carnival’s Environmental Co-ordinator. He spoke to us about how the carnival team keep a close eye on the carnival’s impact on the local environment. There was also some discussion around the forthcoming Eden Project.

Kids.png (213 KB)

The Saturday AM Kids team spoke to a representative from Bay ICC who were present on the Harry! Bus – which is a multi partnered initiative which brings helpful information to the community around health and wellbeing.

Some of the team took it in turns to press the buttons and run the shows, Nathan proved that he couldn’t press the buttons and get people names right.

Duncan_Si_Eden.PNG (446 KB) We had the pleasure of talking to Si Bellamy OBE who is the Head of Eden Project International, he told Beyond Radio’s Chris, Duncan & Greg about how the project has now started to move in the planning and developing phase.
Lonsdale Scouts Logo.PNG (85 KB) Later Duncan spoke to Mandy Sweet (the district commission of Lonsdale Scouts) and Tegan Higgins who is a young leader & explorer. They told us more about the scouts.
Royalty_EDF Stage.PNG (171 KB) Nathan had the pleasure of welcoming the mayor to the EDF Family Stage who presented the awards of Carnival Royalty Jordana and Bethany.
Studio.png (128 KB) Later back in the studio, Nathan, Chris and Duncan had a chat about the Royalty.
Stuart Michaels MC19.jpg (137 KB) We had a chat with local entertainer (and singer!) Stuart Michaels fresh off the main stage. Nathan was perhaps a little mean to Stuart in the interview.

More to Follow soon when Luke's finished editing them :)