Charity seeks home for 3000 hens

July 04, 2019

Forever homes for feathered friends 

Animal Care Charity will be running a MASSIVE ex barn hen rescue, 
we need to try and help 3000 hens!!!!

This Is a huge amount and a very big task but we are determined to help as many as we can.

If you think you can help with 2 or 20 hens please send your contact information and the number of hens you can help to us via private message or send your name and phone number to [email protected]

Once a date and time is arrange we will contact you to collect your hens from Animal Care (this is very likely to be the last week of July between 2-5pm) 
A donation of £2 is asked for each hen

These hens have been In battery farm conditions so will need TLC and possibly mite treatment

All adopters need to have a set up ready and basic knowledge of hen care.

If you can’t help please share so others can.

If you are an animal rescue and have space to help a larger amount please get in touch.

Photos from the hens we rescued last year.

Please see the Facebook page for more information: