Covid-19 Mobile Test Centre Opens in Lancaster

May 06, 2020

A Covid-19 testing station has opened in Lancaster on the Upper St Leonardgate Car Park.

Eligible health and social care staff can now access testing for Covid-19 in Lancaster rather than having to travel to Preston which was where the nearest testing site was located. The testing is only currently available to NHS Trust staff and Social Care staff who must be referred by their employer.

To be eligible for testing people must be:

· Currently self-isolating for five days or less due to suspected COVID-19 infection, or;

· A member of an essential worker’s household who has suspected COVID-19 infection and has been self-isolating for five days or less (which has resulted in the member of staff self-isolating as well).

The tests are not reliable on people who have had symptoms for more than five days.

Full details of how to access all testing available to people can be found at:

People should check the specific advice on how the test centre will work, the age range eligible for testing and ensure they have an appointment. People will not be tested without an appointment. Those tested will receive their results by text within a few days.