Drive in cinema - prices reduced

July 23, 2020

Visitors to the new forthcoming drive in cinema will benefit from the government announced VAT reductions, meaning that visits will enjoy a new lower ticket price.

In a social media post from the operators ‘Lancaster Lock Down Cinema Club’ they state:


“We are delighted to announce that following the confirmation yesterday from the Association of Festival Organisers that our Drive in Cinema is able to benefit from the reduced 5% rate in vat and after renegotiation with our booking system we are now able to offer a new total price of £25 per car!”


“Our other offers of Admit1 for £17.50 & Parent & 1 child for £20 are now available too."

"For anyone who has already booked a ticket thank you so much for your support. We will be in touch with you shortly with a great offer or a refund for the difference.”


The cinema will be open from the 26th of July and will be located at Elm Grove Field at Crook O'Lune (postcode: LA2 9HX) and will feature 45 blockbuster films which will be shown on a screen which is over 10 meters wide.


There will be three showings per day with the mid-day session being reserved for Children’s Classics, then the late afternoon viewing will feature Family and Teen favourites with the later evening session featuring ‘Grown up Films’ You can see a full listing of all the films here:


The organisers went on to say:


“We are so chuffed that this [discount] will mean that more people can enjoy a unique experience in a rural setting. Yes we know that you can see these films on Netflix, but we have all been watching Netflix at home for months! Yes you might have seen them before but this is an EXPERIENCE of a drive in movie on the largest digital screen in the north of England in one of the most beautiful settings in the north of England. It is an experience not be missed. ”


Tickets with the new reduction can be booked by visiting their website at: