Introducing...Roger Moorhouse

February 19, 2020

Roger Moorhouse hosts The Cosmic American Music Show on Saturday nights on Beyond Radio.

But some of our listeners may also recognise Roger from his years working in a popular Lancaster record store.

Roger says he still gets stopped in the street from former customers of Ear Ere Records where he worked during the 1980s and 1990s.

He fondly recalls his job interview which involved consuming a bottle of sherry with his new boss!

Morecambe-born Roger, who went to Euston Road and Balmoral Road schools in the town, also worked as a train cleaner, in a chemical factory and as a teacher - until he realised he didn't like kids!

You can listen to Roger playing some of his favourite tracks on The Cosmic American Music Show on Saturdays at 7pm on Beyond Radio.

And you can also hear Roger talking about his life as part of our weekly 'Team Talk' feature on Greg Lambert's show The Resident at