Lancaster to Morecambe railway line becomes 'penalty route'

October 30, 2019

Rail travellers will need to buy a ticket before they use the Lancaster-Morecambe train or risk a fine.

The line officially became a penalty fare route this week meaning spot checks will be regularly carried out to ensure people have their tickets.

In the past many people getting on the service at either Lancaster or Morecambe have waited to buy their tickets on the train.

But the change in policy means anyone who hasn't purchased their ticket in advance risks a penalty of £20 or double the cost of their journey, whichever is the greater.

Bare Lane station is excluded for the moment as there is no ticket machine at the station. A machine is expected to be installed soon.

People are encouraged to buy their fares in advance either at station machines or online, or using the Northern Rail app.

More information about Northern Rail penalty fares is available at