Morecambe and Lancaster MPs retain seats

December 13, 2019

The MPs for Lancaster and Morecambe both retained their seats at the General Election.

Cat Smith was re-elected in Lancaster and Fleetwood, with David Morris (pictured with his team) also victorious in Morecambe and Lunesdale.

Ms Smith (Labour) won her third term as MP albeit with a reduced majority of 2,380.

Mr Morris (Conservative) won his fourth term with an increased majority of 6,354.

The results came on a good night for the Tories and a bad one for Labour nationwide.

Boris Johnson will continue as Prime Minister after his party won a clear majority as Labour lost seats, particularly in the North and the Midlands.

The Scottish National Party also had a strong showing, winning 45% of the votes in Scotland.

The full results locally were:


Cat Smith (Labour) re-elected 21184

Louise Thistlethwaite (Con) 18804

Peter Jackson (Lib Dem) 2018

Leanne Murray (Brexit Party) 1817

Caroline Jackson (Green) 1396


David Morris (Con) re-elected 23925

Lizzi Collinge (Lab) 17571

Owen Lambert (Lib Dem) 2328

Chloe Buckley (Green) 938

Darren Clifford (Ind) 548

There was also a by election held in the Overton ward of Lancaster City Council, won by Conservative Andrew Gardner.