Morecambe couple raising funds after baby Earl defied the odds

January 13, 2020

A Morecambe couple are trying to raise £5,000 for two hospitals after their baby boy defied the odds to survive a traumatic birth.

Stacey Baines and James Rushworth have set up a crowdfunding page and a family fun day is being held as a thank you to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Burnley neo-natal units.

Their baby son Earl didn't breathe for 11 minutes after he was born at the RLI in June and the couple was told he may be brain damaged.

But miraculously, all subsequent tests came back clear, and grateful Stacey and James now want to support the hospitals who cared for him.

"Our baby boy was born at Royal Lancaster Infirmary but there were complications that came to light towards the end of his delivery," said Stacey.

"He was born unconscious and the medical team worked on him for 11 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime.

"He was then breathing but needed specialist care. We were told he was a very sick baby.

"Earl was transferred to Burnley NICU where he received the care he needed.

"He required brain monitors, breathing apparatus, drugs to stabilise his fits and all round the clock care.

"He had plasma and platelet transfusions, a lumbar puncture and was treated for sepsis. Once Earl had warmed up to normal body temperature after 36 hours of being cold,he went for an MRI scan to see what effects all of this had on the brain.

"We were told to expect the worst as Earl wasn‘t functioning like a ‘normal’ baby with his movements and reactions also he was still having abnormal brain functions.

"The MRI came back clear of anything. He was a very lucky baby and due to the fast reactions from all the medical staff at Lancaster and Burnley he came out of all this with no brain injuries, no physical issues we know of yet but have been advised later on in life he may have some form of developmental issue.

"After all this we as a family would like to show support back to both the neonatal units which hopefully may help them with new equipment, helping other families in similar situations and most of all helping the NHS get back on its feet because without it our baby wouldn’t be here today."

The family fun day is being held at the Strathmore Hotel in Morecambe on Saturday February 15 from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

There will be free admission and activities including classes for babies and toddlers, sand art picture making, cupcake decorating, as well as live music.

The crowdfunding page is at