Morecambe stunt school closes down

January 08, 2020

A Hollywood stuntman has closed down his unique stunt school in the West End of Morecambe.

Martin Shenton, who has worked as a stunt double for Sylvester Stallone, said that long-term he plans to convert Regent Park Studios into flats.

Regent Park Studios offered stunt training, trampoline classes, an afterschool club and nursery, fitness and martial arts classes, and at one time even housed a film studio, a pro wrestling school and a zombie-themed indoor adventure game.

Only some of the training classes and a gym are now still running, and while the centre will continue to accept some bookings, Mr Shenton said the stunt school part was now closed.

"It's due to lack of support," said Mr Shenton.

"When the other trampoline place opened in Morecambe, people started disappearing. People don't realise how it affects other businesses.

"I'm still really busy on the TV and film side of it, so I can't spend the time to bring it back up.

"I had to make a decision for business reasons rather than keeping it open for sentimental reasons.

"Long-term it might end up as flats. 

"I'm selling off the mats, foam pit, trampolines and climbing equipment."

Mr Shenton, who also owns the nearby Park Hotel, has also appeared as a stuntman in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, Coronation Street and Les Miserables.

In 2016 he broke the world record for jumping in and out of cars, leaping from one car to another eight times in three minutes at Warton stock car track.