Pensioner thanks swimming pool team who saved his life

November 19, 2019

A pensioner has thanked the team who saved his life in a dramatic swimming pool rescue at a Lancaster sports centre.

Geoff Smyth fell ill and dropped to the bottom of the pool while taking a swim after a fitness class at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre.

Lifeguard Joe Hitchmough quickly rescued Geoff and brought him to the surface. 

Salt Ayre team members Brad Smith and Joanna Hurst, helped by duty managers Claudia Russell and Roberto Jimenez, brought him onto poolside, performed CPR and ensured his lungs were clear of water, before he was taken by ambulance to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

After spending a few days in hospital after the incident last month, Geoff was released and is now making a recovery.

He and his wife Carolyn visited Salt Ayre to say thank you to the people who rescued him.

A Salt Ayre spokesman said: "Incidents such as this are thankfully extremely rare but the reason why we put so much time and effort into ensuring all our staff are fully trained in rescue techniques."