Road works for next week

May 29, 2020


M6 bridge painting junction 31 to junction 32
We’re carrying out 9pm to 5am overnight maintenance, including re-painting, on two bridges – Grange and Hollins footbridges - between junction 31 and junction 32 of the M6 in seven-week project starting on Monday 8 June. Both the northbound and southbound carriageways will be reduced to one lane in each direction at the location of each bridge during the overnight work. A 50mph speed limit will also be in place.

M6 junctions 36 to 43 and A66 and A595
A £3 million rolling programme of work to renew road markings and road studs along sections of the M6, A66 and A595 in Cumbria started on 11 May and will last until September. The work will focus on sections of the M6 between Kendal and Carlisle, the A66 west of Cockermouth and along the A595 between Distington and Thornhill. Some overnight – 8pm to 6am - lane or slip road closures and off-peak or use of temporary traffic lights will be used.

M6 junction 43 Eden Bridge
A £2 million, three-month project to resurface sections of the northbound and southbound motorway carriageways around junction 43 and carry out bridge maintenance at the junction – replacing some 40 bridge joints - started on 1 April. The work requires occasional overnight closures of the slip roads at junction 43 with good and clearly-signed motorway diversions in place.

M55 junctions 1 to 3
Narrow lanes and a 50mph speed limit are now in place along a short stretch of the motorway where a new junction (junction 2) is being constructed as part of Lancashire County Council’s Preston Western Distributor road project. More information is available here:

M58 (west Lancashire)
A six-week, overnight – 9pm to 5am - project to resurface sections of both the westbound and eastbound carriageway between M58 between junction 1 and junction 4 started on Tuesday (26 May). Most of the work is being done using lane closures but some overnight carriageway closures will be required with clearly-signed diversions in place. On Thursday night (4 June) the westbound carriageway between junction 3 and Switch Island will be closed – with the same arrangements in place overnight on the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights (8, 9 and 10 June). A clearly-signed diversion will be in place each night.

M65 junction 2 to junction 3

We have a number of overnight – 9pm to 5am - carriageway closures in place next week for routine maintenance. On Monday and Tuesday nights (1 and 2 June) the eastbound carriageway will be closed between junction 2 and junction 3.


M65 junction 8 to junction 10

We have a number of overnight carriageway closures in place next week for routine maintenance.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 June, 8.30pm to 6am on each night) the eastbound carriageway will be closed between the exit and entry slip roads at junction 10.  

Also on Wednesday night (3 June) the following slip roads on the westbound carriageway will also be closed: entry slip road at junction 8 (8pm to 6am); entry slip road at junction 9 (11.30pm to 6am) and exit slip road at junction 8 (8pm to 11.30pm).