Support offered for mothers of new babies

April 29, 2020

Local children’s group Hartbeeps, is providing invaluable support for mothers of new babies who may be feeling vulnerable and alone during this period of isolation. The charity 4Children estimates that normally 3 in 10 new mothers experience depression symptoms post birth, and the NHS traditionally encourages social interaction as one method of helping to combat this.

“Baby groups and weigh-in clinics were a lifeline for me when my daughter was tiny,” Phillipa Chadwick, owner of Hartbeeps Lancashire explains. “Getting out there and chatting to other mums who were feeling the same, in addition to being shown lots of lovely ways to bond and interact with my new-born baby really helped lift my spirits.”

Drawing on this experience, Phillipa is offering four weeks of free content to all babies under 8 weeks old. Over 40 local mums have already signed up to join this online community, and are enjoying classic Hartbeeps classes, baby massage, relaxation, baby signing and above all a place to chat with other parents.

Julie Clarke, mum to Flynn 6 months says, “[email protected] has really allowed me to engage with my little one while still feeling part of the Hartbeeps community. The daily content is really uplifting and helps give me a routine, and all the instructions are so easy to follow giving me great bonding time with my baby.” To find out more simply email [email protected] or book for free here: