1. Favourite smell - coffee
2. Last time I cried - Monday at a gig
3. Favourite pizza - napolitana with extra chilli! (olive, anchovy, capers)
4. Favourite Flower Iris or anything blue
5. Favourite dog breed - Cockerspaniel / cockerpoo / spaniels
6. Untie laces before shoes come off - only on my trainers!
7. Roller Coasters YES
8. Favourite ice cream Phish Food ( Ben and Jerry’s)
9. Pet peeve - I’m not really peevish - but hate lazy litter louts!!
10. Shorts or jeans - both!
11. What are you listening to - Right now Beyond Radio!! It is permenantly on in the main office at work! ( I’ve converted them all)
12. Colour of your vehicle Silver
13. Colour of eyes green
14. Favourite food anything that isn’t Iffal
15. Favourite Holiday Maldives for summer / Snnowoarding every winter!!
16. Night owl or morning person Both! But I like a lie in at the weekend
17. Favourite day of the week - Tuesday - it’s my show day!!
18. Do you have a nick name Banksy
19. Favourite music - Allsorts!! indie/dance/punk/rock - the good stuff
20. Tattoos nope
21. Favourite movie Lots! What we do in the shadows/ the shining
22. Favourite school subject Sciences - Biology
23. Person you miss most My mum
24. If you could sit down with anyone famous who would it be Jimi Hendrix
25. Favourite place to visit Any mountain that I can snowboard on!!
26. Favourite vegetable - all of them apart from tinned or mushy peas
27. Favourite season Spring
28. Dream job - Professional radio Dj / producer or Bird / Hen Sanctuary owner
29. Favourite Footwear Adidas Shell Toed trainers - I have a lot of pairs !!!
30. Thing that scares you - global warming / lack of respect for our environment